Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going to the Beach will never be the same again.

There is a story behind every picture.

I was uploading my photos from my phone when i chanced upon this pic .

I really don't know what to say, feelings overwhelmed me and i told myself that i need to blog this immediately.

This seems like a father and daughter skipping pebbles pic .

But the lesson this pic taught me- its constant reminder to me that how selfless VioletKitty's love to me could be.

It all started with VioletKitty's Piano Masterclass. In short, she was restless (probably due to her missing her naptime) , wasn't paying attention in class and didn't play her piano piece as well as she could have ( she played the piece better at home) . I was pissed with her. It was evident all over my face. Even VioletKitty's Piano Classmates' Mummies could see it in me. Telling me to chill it....

I really don't know what gotten into me that day. It was like a pent up frustration (from what i really don't know, definitely not PMS) building and even Smellycat can sense that she probably screwed up her masterclass recital.

VioletKitty knew that she screwed it up and she tried to make things right, asking me.....

Violet Kitty: Did i play well just now?
Me: What do you think? (and i shot her a look)
VioletKitty: Noooo....  * cue sad puppy dog face*
Me: Glad that you know that . (shot her a look again)

(typing this makes me realize what a F@arked up mum i was at that time)

Sometimes i forgot that i am dealing with a 6 year old, maybe due to the Singa Mother in me, i always felt that VioletKitty could be pushed. Just like what it was mentioned in the Tiger Mom book, Asian Parents wanted the child to do the best they can and i know that today is not even half of her best and i let it eat into me.

Smellycat wanted to bring her to see Toys at Taka to cheer her up but me still feeling angsty told him off that since when screwing up your masterclass recital gets to go see Toys? What kinda screwed up logic is that??

(Smellycat in that aspect is one person even though he acted like a total couldn't care less dad to the world but all he wanted was his VioletKitty to be happy. )

We were on the way home in the car when Smellycat decided that even it is to incur the wrath of the singa mom, he will give a last shot to make his Violet Kitty happy.

Smellycat: Do you wanna go anywhere?
VioletKitty: Er.... *sneaking a look at me*
Me: * Pretending to look outside the window*
VioletKitty: Can we go to the beach?
Smellycat: You sure? You don't wanna go see Toys?
VioletKitty: Yes Daddy, can we go to the beach please??
SmellyCat: So we go to the Beach huh?
Me: *Ignoring them*

At that point of time i was really pissed. Pissed +++++++++ I was thinking, this smellycat really trying to antagonize me , undermine my way of discipling our daughter, since when when you screwed things up, you get rewarded for it???

When we are at the beach, i chose to ignore them, and stood somewhere far away from them , hating every minute of it. Especially when i am wearing my pumps and sand is getting into it.

But somehow watching this Silly Smellycat skipping pebbles with VioletKitty, picking up seashells, digging at the sand have a calming effect. After awhile, i don't feel that angry anymore, i felt calmer and i even felt silly for being angry.

Why did i get angry at a 6 year old for not meeting my expectations? She is only 6 for goodness sake!

So i took off my pumps, felt the soft sand beneath my toes and walked towards them.

VioletKitty smiled at me and asked me to try to skip the pebbles.
I told her i'll just sit and watch.

And that is when i took that picture.

But my humbling moment came after this.

VioletKitty held my hand when we are walking along the beach and she told me this:
VioletKitty: Do you like coming to the beach mummy?
Me: It's ok.
VioletKitty: See! I know that coming to the beach is correct!
Me: ?
VioletKitty: I know that you would like coming to the beach , to listen to the waves, to walk on the sand, very nice right? All these will make you not angry anymore.
Me: .......
VioletKitty: I know that you are angry because i never pay attention . So when Daddy ask me where to go, i want to go see toys but i know coming to the beach will make you happy. So i ask daddy to bring us here because i want you to be happy.

My heart cringed that moment.

My heart cringed coz why am i so mean to someone so pure and so full of love?

I am really blessed to have VioletKitty as my Child. One that love me so unconditionally even though i was so mean to her (at that point of time).

Screw all those Singa/Tiger mom shit.

All i want now is to be Violet's Mum.

To love this Little Kitty Angel that God sent to love us.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy 10th!

Thought Avia was kidding when she told me she wanted to renew her vows with Ken for their 10th year wedding anniversary...

Definately not joking! She made this invitation card herself! So pretty!

The Happy Couple! Time flies! Have it been 10years already!?!?

The vows renewing ceremony .

Beautiful cake. ( and Yummeh too! )

Avia and the monsters... Ha!

The kawaii princesses .

My Darling ! =D

Avia and me... No longer that 小妹妹 when we got married.. Now upgrade to mummies club already... Ha!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Singa Mom

Day : Saturday
Time : 1045hrs
Place : Foodcourt
Why am I there: Waiting for the kitty to finish her Chinese enrichment class.
This has been my routine for the past 2 years i think, which is not bad actually coz for that 1.5 hrs, I have my own "me" time to read, chill while waiting for her.
(There are also days where I am training for races, hence it is a mad rush of run/cycle -> rush home-> bring kitty to class.)
MummyHelen always tell me... Poor violet, so many classes, so stress (!!!!), let her relax a bit lah..
But to me, the kitty is not the least bit stressed! ( ok, maybe sometimes practicing the piano with me stresses her coz I'm piano monster) She always go to her classes willingly and happily! She never complains that she have to do the homework and does it all in an instant. She has friends and different classes and I always see them having a good time learning together!
Maybe the caregiver ( me, mummyangie, occasionally mummyhelen will be stressed coz we always have to get her to the classes on time~ha!)
My friends call me the tiger mom... dragon mom (coz of my tattoos) but I feel that I am just a normal mom who is preparing my little kitty to take on the world out there.
Probably in wow terms, I am helping the kitty to get the right skills (classes) , gear (books, maybe?) , hp at the optimal ( eat right, rest well, stay healthy) and maintain her agility through sports (swimming, ballet) to help her gain her xp steadily.
As to wether she belongs to the horde or alliance, it is too early to tell. Probably having a set of horde (smellycat) and alliance (me) parents will turn violet to be hybrid maybe- ha!

Was at the gas station the other day and this mag caught my eye... The Primary one special! Being curious, I bought it and I must say it's pretty informative!
The standards for primary 1 have definitely changed a lot! Standard's Much higher! I would say my kitty is probably 75% ready for the Big P1 at her standard now....

This was done one day when I wanted to gauge her standard before letting her see her spelling list for school.... Let her have a pretest ! I find it quite funny actually with all her misspells . I'm not worried that she didn't know the words then coz I know she will learn it eventually (and she got 9/10 for this spelling test) but it suddenly dawn to me that spelling lists for kids now is tough!

The kitty's happy face after school! I love to see this face! =D

Anyway, this is just a ranting post... So to my Friends who always call me tiger/dragon/ kiasu mom... I am not..

I am SINGA (lion)-Mom!! *roar*


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Smellycat's Back!

The cat is back!
2 weeks just zoomed past like this and check out the pure Glee on the kitty's face! =D

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love you too.

Saw this on tumblr the other day..


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Nowadays with technology, it's really easier to stay in touch .

The previous years, whenever smellycat is away, I have to wait for him to call me, hope to get an email for him etc etc...

Fast forward to 2012, we can watsapp, skype, FaceTime and the distance don't seem so bad anymore!

The kitty really looks forward to FaceTime with smellycat at night (due to a 7 hour time difference) and they can chat via FaceTime for like almost 1 hour!!
He will chat with her while playing game on his iPad and she will blabber blabber on to him about her day, make funny faces at him and even asked him to play scissor paper stone with her....zzzzzzz

Occasionally, smellycat will tell her to call me coz he have some questions to ask me and then it's back to the cats world.

Digging their noses together...

Silly Kitty is so tickled by Smellycat's monkey faces!

And then last night, I face timed smellycat and the first thing he asked me...

Smellycat : where is violet?
San-d: She's at your mom's place.
Smellycat: Oh....

*after 2mins*

Smellycat: hey I gotta go... Dinner time....
San-d: ........

Kitty: 1 hr face time.
San-d : 2 mins face time.


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Monday, March 19, 2012

Swan Lake

Violet pointed to this kick ass Swan Lake poster at her ballet school last week and asked if i can bring her to see... Since I couldn't bring her to Disney on ice anymore and also to cultivate her interest in ballet so why not?
I've never been to a ballet performance before and I'm pleasantly surprised! The Singapore Dance Theater puts up a wonderful performance! I'm glad I came! =D

Hopefully one day the kitty will turn into a swan =p

Kitty's really excited!

Our first Ballet and more to come!

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